Past Activities

Committee Activities 2018


Organisation of EANM 2018 Sessions

  • Pre-congress Symposium: The Role of Molecular Imaging in Radiation Oncology (Bart Cornelissen, Jacques Barbet).
  • CME session: Imaging Targets for Cancer Immunotherapy (Silvana Del Vecchio).
  • Joint symposium EANM-AHA: Imaging Early Remodelling in Cardiomyopathies – From Preclinical to Clinical (Federico Caobelli).
  • Joint symposium EANM-CARS: Computer Assisted Image and Radioguided Intervention in Surgery and Radiology (Fijs van Leeuwen).
  • Pitfalls and Artefacts session: Is this Uptake Pathological or is it Due to Excretion? (Laura Evangelista).
  • Committee Interested Group meeting (Bart Cornelissen).
  • Discussion about Abstract submitted within the M2M Track, in order to optimize the submission process and expanding the interest of the proposed sessions also to clinicians. This has been discussed with other Committees as well as with Prof. Giammarile.

Organisation of EANM-ESMI Session at EMIM 2018

  • Joint Session of translational cardiovascular Imaging. Jointly organized with the EANM Cardiovascular Committee (Federico Caobelli, Fabien Hyafil).

ESMIT Courses

  • Starting from 2018 the Committee has been involved in the organisation of the level 3 Courses of ESMIT. In June Marion de Jong, Laura Evangelista and Bart Cornelissen gave a lecture during the ESMIT Course on translational imaging.

Proposals of EANM 2019 Sessions

Editorial activities

  • Technologist guide edited by EANM: Prostate Cancer Imaging and Therapy. Chapter authors: Laura Evangelista and Federico Caobelli
  • Review: Translational molecular imaging in exocrine pancreatic cancer. Published on EJNMMI, First Author: Bart Cornelissen. Cornelissen B, Knight JC, Mukherjee S, Evangelista L, Xavier C, Caobelli F, Del Vecchio S, Rbah-Vidal L, Barbet J, de Jong M, van Leeuwen FWB. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2018 Dec;45(13):2442-2455.
  • Editorials on translational imaging in heart failure (Federico Caobelli) and in prostate cancer (Laura Evangelista): ongoing

Social networks activities

  • Suggestions for the update of EANM website, including a short text to clearly include early phase clinical. Moreover, it was suggested to add a link to Pubmed.
  • Linkedin: a page on Linkedin has started, highlighting the activities of TMI&T Committee.
  • Facebook: a page on Facebook has also been updated to widespread the activities of the Committee.