Current Activities

On the scientific domain, the TMI&T is actively producing up-to-date and peer reviewed material published in the EANM Umbrella Journal (EJNMMI), including guidelines and editorial reviews. The emphasis on emerging techniques, tracers and translational research is a priority and will be acknowledged in regular publications in an effort to guide and inform the nuclear medicine community on the topics of translational research.

The refurbishment of the educational wing of EANM – ESMIT – brought a new stage for educating scientists and researchers willing to deepen or extend their knowledge and competencies on the field of translational research. Following the 3-level philosophy of ESMIT, the TMI&T provides material in all levels, focusing on “hot” topics integrated in the interactive methodology of ESMIT.

To keep a tight connection with concurrent EANM Committees is fundamental to achieve the true multidisciplinary nature of the nuclear medicine discipline. As such, the TMI&T is keen on developing educational sessions at the EANM congress, joint publications, and co-ordinated educational materials along the clinical, physics, technologist, radiopharmacy and drug development Committees.

The EANM Congress is, nowadays, a melting pot of scientific activities, industry novelties, inter-connecting different sub-specialities in Nuclear Medicine. It is in fact a meta-translational exercise, where different sides of the same monolith are brought together. During this event, the TMI&T has conducted many educational sessions (CME), pre-symposia, joint-symposia, pitfalls & artefacts and interest group meeting, that reflect the different levels of involvement. Additionally, the M2M track: “From Molecule to Man”, accepting high quality abstracts submitted and peer reviewed by the expert board, provides the stage for scientific communication amongst peers from emerging or established positions within the field.

The M2M Track, initiated in 2014 in cooperation with the Radiopharmacy and Drug Development Committees, is now a platform that increases visibility of basic and translational research within EANM and prepares nuclear medicine physicians for the future. Furthermore, while discussing translational pharmaceuticals in drug discovery, it attracts more basic researchers to the meeting, that would not traditionally attend.