Committee Members

Chair Fijs Van Leeuwen (Netherlands)
Vice Chair Margret Schottelius (Switzerland)
Secretary Felix Mottaghy (Germany)
ESMIT Representative Chiara Maria Grana (Italy)
Communication, Press & PR Representative Latifa Rbah-Vidal (France)
Website Representative Pedro Fragoso-Costa (Germany)
Guideline Representative Sergi Vidal Sicart (Spain)
Scientific Programme Representative Fijs Van Leeuwen (Netherlands)
Observer Jan Grimm (USA)


The TMI&T team has a highly multidisciplinary nature and features team members that have been active in developing new technologies able to translate preclinical concepts toward the clinic.

The Committee members are enthusiastic scientists with background in the four key disciplines of chemistry, engineering, biology and medicine. Their expertise covers the translation of both chemical and technical developments focused on diagnosis and/or therapy for a range of clinical indications.

Combined the team

  • has unique positioning both into the clinical demand as well as the technical innovations in precision imaging,
  • highlights and actively promotes translational successes in the EANM community,
  • facilitates the training of future research/healthcare professionals in all translational disciplines and
  • helps establish a strong translational pipeline through which new innovations can reach the clinic.

The impact of these efforts is, amongst others, underscored by the success of the M2M track at the annual congress.